Houston Highlights

Many Houstonians relate the slogan “work hard, play hard.” The New York Times said of the city, "Maybe that's what makes Houston such an unusual and wonderful place – there are so many different Houstons to see.” And as you explore and get to know your neighborhood and beyond, the variety and depth of activities will keep you and the family busy all year long. Outdoor recreation also abounds, thanks to our year-long temperate weather. Whether your interest is in sports, the arts, shopping or gardening, the region has a lot to offer.

For many in the region, it’s all about sports. In this category, Houston excels and has a team for every major sport. After all, this is home to the Astrodome, the eighth wonder of the world!

Sports City USA
A look at the sports lineup in Houston can tell you a lot about a city and its love of sports. Host to Super Bowl  in 2004 and 2016, site of a Major League Baseball All Star Game and Tennis Masters Cup, site of theNBA All-Star Game and debut of the city’s first Major League Soccer team, the city is a sports-enthusiast’s dream. There are also three new stadiums that have been built in the last four years – that’s love of the games and shows the support of its fans.

Plenty of Fun Outdoors
With an ideal location and moderate temperatures, the region has a lot to offer the whole family in the way of outdoor activities, including boating, fishing, golfing, tennis, jogging, walking and skating.

— City Parks
Houston is green! According to the Trust for Public Lands, Houston rates first among the nation’s 10 most populous cities in total acreage of parkland and second behind only San Diego in park acreage per capital. Houston has 56,405 acres of total park space, with 27.2 acres per 1,000 residents. The national average is 18.8 acres per 1,000 residents.

As part of the Parks and Recreation Department, Houston has 350 developed parks and more than 200 open spaces that are maintained. Bird migrations pass through Houston in the spring and fall, to the delight of avid birdwatchers. One of nature’s more unusual spectacles is visible from the Waugh Bridge Bat Observation Deck at Buffalo Bayou/Eleanor Tinsley Park. Every night at dusk, thousands of Mexican free-tailed bats take off from their home beneath the bridge to hunt for mosquitoes. Many residents come out at the corner of Waugh Drive and Allen Parkway to watch this daily occurrence.

Explore what the city has to offer. Here are some interesting green spaces to check out.
  • Baldwin Park
  • Discovery Green
  • Cullen Park
  • E.R. and Ann Taylor Park
  • Fonde Park
  • Founders Memorial Cemetery
  • Gragg Park
  • Hermann Park
  • Lake Houston Park
  • Little Thicket Park
  • Mac Gregor Park
  • Market Square
  • Mason Park S.
  • Mason Park Wetlands
  • Memorial Park 6501
  • Sam Houston Park
  • Waugh Bridge Bat Colony
  • Willow Waterhole Greenway

— Boating
Houston residents are less than 50 miles away from Galveston Bay and there are several freshwater lakes throughout the area. Many in the area also enjoy boating, skiing and other water-related activities for many to enjoy. Clear Lake is recognized by the state as the “Boating Capital of Texas” with more than 7,000 slips and 19 marinas offering access to Clear Lake and the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition to power boats and sailboats, Jet Skis, wind surfers, canoes and water ski and parasailing equipment are available. The Houston Yacht Club on upper Galveston Bay sponsors youth and adult sailing programs and has fostered Olympic-level sailors.

To ensure you’re following boating rules and laws governing boating, visit the website at boat-ed.com/tx/handbook/pdf_index.htm to download a PDF version of the “Handbook of Texas State Boating Laws and Responsibilities.” Your boat must also be registered in the state of Texas. More on this information can be found online at
www.boat-ed.com/tx/handbook/register.htm. More information about the Texas Park and Wildlife Department can be found online at www.tpwd.state.tx.us.

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