Mission Statement
We are committed to being the finest sales and marketing organization by partnering with our customers and suppliers to give superior customer service through innovative techniques.
Investing our resources in the recruiting and development of our people enables us to maintain the highest and most ethical performance standards.
We will continually commit resources to provide the technology and systems necessary to be industry leaders.
We will accomplish this mission by adhering to our set of core values that guide us in our business.
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Company: Glazer's
Website: www.glazers.com
Address: 9350 East Point Drive
Houston, TX 77054
At Glazer’s we are privileged to be recognized as one of the most successful sales and marketing organizations in our industry. That’s how we’ve become one of the country’s largest distributors of beverage alcohol. Glazer’s Family of Companies is firmly established with 40 offices in 11 states, and we’re still family-owned and operated.

The company began in 1909 in Dallas, Texas, where Louis Glazer opened the Jumbo Bottling Company, which distributed a line of flavored soda waters from the back of horse-drawn wagons. Glazer’s Distributors, as the company is known today, was established on Sept. 3, 1933 by Max and Nolan Glazer, two of Louis Glazer’s sons. By 1966, Glazer’s had expanded beyond Texas to three additional states. And our energized growth continues today.

Our commitment to building brands, our strategic focus on marketing and the company’s passion for outstanding service drive our high performance, results-producing culture. Partnering as a valued resource to our customers and suppliers, we are dedicated as the industry’s preferred provider of beverage alcohol products in each of our markets.
We are committed to being the finest sales and marketing organization within our industry and the preferred provider of products in each of our markets. Achieving that objective requires attracting and developing high-potential individuals who share our commitment to excellence.

Meeting the challenges within our industry requires a highly professional team. At Glazer’s, we recognize that training is a critical component in helping you reach personal growth and development.

Our approach begins with a comprehensive "hands on" program during your initial orientation. More extensive training follows, providing you with the tools you will need to grow professionally. Glazer’s also places a high value on formal education by providing its employees with a tuition reimbursement program enabling them to improve their personal and business skills.

Our philosophy on developing people is very clear. We seek to promote ambitious, hard-working, successful people to positions of greater responsibility as quickly as their readiness and opportunity make it possible.

Our continued growth, active ownership, and inspired leadership, coupled with our commitment to excellence, can offer you an exceptional foundation for your future.

The Glazer’s Family of Companies offers a competitive compensation package that includes:

Medical Coverage *
Prescription Medicine Plan *
Dental Care *
Vision Care *
Life insurance
Disability Insurance
401(K) Program
Paid Vacation
Tuition Reimbursement

* Dependants are eligible for coverage under this plan.

Office Locations/Subsidiaries:

P O BOX 2686