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Smith Bits and Smith Services are leading worldwide suppliers of premium products and services to the oil and gas industry. Explore our history dating back to 1902 and discover the oil and gas services industry foundation of experience, philosophy and mission that continues to propel us into the future.

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Company: Smith International, Inc.
Website: www.smith.com
Address: 411 North Sam Houston Parkway, Suite 600
Houston, TX 77060
In 1902, at the age of 20, Herman C. Smith began the company in a blacksmith shop in the small town of Whittier, California, U.S.A. An unexpected business developed in his blacksmith shop when oil was discovered in surrounding towns. The local drilling operators needed crude fishtail bits sharpened and Herman had the required skills. Applying his knowledge of metals, Herman used his equipment for oil tool modification and improvement. At times, he designed and constructed new tools on demand. From that modest beginning, Smith grew into a globally-diversified, Fortune 500 oilfield tools and services company with Corporate Headquarters located in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. In August 2010, Smith merged with Schlumberger. Schlumberger is the leading supplier of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to customers working in the oil and gas industry worldwide.

H.C. Smith founded the company with a mission and philosophy which continues to this day: “…we have dedicated ourselves to the task of creating and perfecting tools and equipment that will lessen the burden and increase the efficiency of drilling for all our customers.”


A primary driver behind this merger is drilling optimization. In order to sustain and increase world oil and gas production, higher levels of drilling will be necessary in increasingly challenging and complex environments. This means wells with longer and more complex profiles. Understanding the technical challenges and mitigating the consequent risk in advance of a drilling program can mean major cost savings and well performance improvement for our customers.

We believe that the next step change in drilling performance and well productivity will come from coordinating optimized measurement and steering capabilities with the engineering and design of the complete bottom-hole assembly (BHA), including the drill bit and drilling fluid. Elements of the down-hole package cannot be developed in isolation if they are to be optimized for performance and reliability of the system as a whole. Each element of the drillstring must inter-operate optimally and be better adapted to varying down-hole environmental challenges. This includes improved design and control of drilling fluid mechanics and rheology.

Through our combined drilling technology portfolio, we can now offer comprehensive drilling services to customers worldwide and work towards delivering the next generation of drilling systems. This merger will give customers access to even better services and products individually, as well as a choice of a fully optimized service for all of their drilling services needs. The outcome will be dramatically improved drilling performance at lower cost through increased reliability and enhanced technology.

There are other complementary technology offerings between the two companies that will benefit our customers. The merger of Schlumberger and Smith Completions creates a comprehensive portfolio of products, services and solutions. Smith expertise in designing, manufacturing and running liner hangers, drillable bridge plugs and packers for land applications complements the existing Schlumberger offering. This enables us to meet requests from customers who want broader completions solutions. Similarly, our offerings for artificial lift pumps will widen through a combination of the Smith Lift diaphragm pump with REDA electric submersible pumps and Camco gas lift systems.

The combined companies, Smith and Schlumberger, continue to preserve and foster the highest quality standards, developing and delivering award-winning services and products to our customers.

Enter a business environment that understands and appreciates your value.

Here you will find colleagues excited about the future of the oil and gas services industry and dedicated to a leadership role. We supply premium products and services to the oil and gas industry. Experience a culture that combines over one hundred years of business know-how with the development of industry leading advanced technology.

People are the driving force behind our business success. We offer our employees competitive compensation, attractive benefits and ongoing advancement opportunities. Our people are encouraged to find innovative methods to continually improve, evolve and compete in a challenging and demanding worldwide marketplace. As part of Schlumberger, we offer the possibility of uncommon breadth in a career.

We invite you to match your qualifications, experience and interest with current opportunities.

We are an equal opportunity employer.
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