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Beazer Homes - Houston Division
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Beazer Homes - Houston Division
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Beazer Homes USA Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the 10 largest single-family homebuilders in the United States. The company’s industry-leading, high-performance homes are designed to lower the total cost of homeownership while reducing energy consumption. With award-winning floor plans, Beazer offers homes that incorporate exceptional value and quality to consumers in 16 states, including Texas.

Beazer believes in making the homebuying process an enjoyable experience. That’s why, instead of requiring buyers to use an in-house mortgage program, Beazer encourages them to consider a small number of preferred lenders who offer a comprehensive set of mortgage products, competitive rates and outstanding customer service.

Energy efficiency that leads the industry is the hallmark of a new Beazer home. Beazer has advanced its energy-conservation performance by adhering to the newest ENERGYSTAR® standards—the most advanced benchmark for energy-efficient home construction. Plus, all Beazer homes in Houston include spray-foam insulation, leading to significant recurring savings that delight homeowners month after month.

Consumers want a home that lives as they do—a home that reflects their personal preferences and lifestyle. To that end, Beazer provides buyers with the flexibility necessary to meet their needs through structural floor-plan options and design selections. The best part? It’s yours. Make the move to a new Beazer home.

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According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average American homeowner’s electric bill has increased to over $107 per month, with those in the South Central region of the U.S. paying the most per kilowatt hour. The average power bill in South Carolina, for instance is $131.64 per month. These numbers point to the continued importance of an energy efficient new homes and how to tell if a home is being constructed with energy savings in mind.

It’s no surprise then with the increased popularity of energy efficient building practices, along with the advancement of product technology, that new homes are more energy efficient than existing homes. It’s important to understand, however, that not all newly built homes are as efficient as they could be. One good indicator to the level of a home’s energy efficiency is its HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score.

The HERS score is the homebuilding industry standard measuring the energy efficiency of your home compared to a control house of the same size and shape. This number must be measured by a certified HERS Rater; the lower the HERS score, the more efficient the home. On average, most existing homes receive a HERS score of 130 and a standard newly built home has an average HERS score of 100 (30% more energy efficient than an existing home). Many of our homes score well below 100, achieving an average HERS score of 65.

We hear a lot of positive feedback from Beazer homeowners pleasantly surprised by the significant decrease in their utility bills after they move into their new ENERGY STAR certified Beazer Home. We are an ENERGY STAR new homes partner meaning, we not only meet and exceed state energy efficiency requirements, but we voluntarily build 100 percent of our homes to meet the strict standards from the EPA.

Homeowner Anne shared on the Beazer Homes Facebook wall, “We have a new Beazer home in Southern California. We have NEVER had utility bills as low as we do in this home of 2100 square feet!”

To learn more about the energy efficiency measures Beazer takes to increase the value of homes and save you money, visit our website and continue to read our blog section dedicated to energy efficiency in new homes.