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School of the Woods
Families that choose School of the Woods find it to be a diverse learning community at all grade levels from preschool through college preparatory. Each school day, students come here from more than 60 different ZIP codes throughout the greater Houston area.

More than 2,000 of the school’s alumni have gone forward to excel at more than 75 colleges and universities all across America and beyond.

School of the Woods has been serving Houston since 1962 as a leading Montessori education resource.

Understanding that parents may have additional questions when seeking further detailed information in determining the best learning environment for your child, School of the Woods looks forward to answering all your questions personally and thoroughly and acquainting you more fully with the school and its offerings.
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Student Teacher Ratio
Year Founded
Pre-K - 12
9 : 1
Inner Loop
Tuition Range
$ 10,000 - $ 12,500
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Press Release
The Board of Trustees announces an exciting update about the Woods High School construction project for the recently acquired Bobbitt Lane property, adjacent to the current high school buildings.

The Construction Committee has updated the plans for construction and gathered current costs for the classrooms, common spaces, and mechanical systems. As a result of this process, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) as well as the lighting for the entire building have been re-designed to be as energy efficient and environmentally sustainable as possible. It has also been determined that the high school classrooms, commons spaces, and the fully enclosed all-school gymnasium, can be completed during the initial phase of construction.

The Construction Committee recently presented its recommendation to the Board of Trustees, who approved the plan to move forward with construction of the facility.

With this approval, the Committee has been directed to finalize the construction documents for permitting. It is expected that city permits will be complete by the summer of 2014, after which construction will begin.

High School Building
The academic facilities of the high school are planned to have state of the art classrooms as well as spacious common areas, patios, and balconies for individual and collaborative study. It is a two story structure with a central atrium which optimizes use of the acreage while creating a spacious interior environment. Following the style originally developed in the Lower and Middle school buildings, the design makes use of natural light and windows to bring the outdoors to the learning experience.

We are excited that our students will soon have their own purpose-built, twenty-first century Montessori learning environment. This dynamic facility will connect and unify our community by providing flexible spaces for our school's unique learning experiences, community activities and sports events.

Updates will be provided as progress continues and more information becomes available.

Gymnasium and General Purpose Space
The gymnasium portion of the building is located at the west end of the new construction (Wirt Road side). It creates a multi-purpose space for the benefit of the entire school community. On a daily basis the gym will be a practice space for the sports teams and will host their home games. It will also serve as a gathering space for all school events and social gatherings.