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Second Baptist School
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Second Baptist School
In 1946, Second Baptist School was established with the purpose of providing a place of biblical instruction and learning where students in pre-kindergarten 3 through grade 12 could grow academically, spiritually, physically and socially. Nearly 75 years later, we continue to do just that.

Second Baptist School is a Christian college preparatory school committed to developing a biblical worldview in students across education programs that include academics, arts and athletics. Upon graduation, students are expected to possess the character, knowledge and skills to succeed in college and beyond. This happens through grounding the SBS philosophy of education in God’s Word and hiring faculty and staff who love God, love students and love the pursuit of excellence in their craft.

Looking to the future, the ultimate focus of Second Baptist School is to serve as a leader in education, both in Houston and in the global community preparing students to think critically, live biblically and lead courageously to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Leadership is a high calling and requires a clear mind, strong character and unshakable courage. In the last two years, Second Baptist School has doubled the formal leadership and mentoring opportunities for students, benefiting the school through student engagement and development.

At SBS, your child will be known individually, and your child’s gifts will be nurtured in a compassionate environment, allowing him or her to take risks and reach higher than ever thought possible. Life on the SBS campus is fulfilled by a strong community of faith. Relationships are formed here that last decades and strengthen the legacy of the school.

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Student Teacher Ratio
Year Founded
Pre-K - 12
16 : 1
Tuition Range
$ 12,500 - $ 15,000
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